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The Team

Wayne Van Dyck CEO

Wayne was a DLJ Wall Street investment banker and venture capitalist before forming Windfarms Ltd., the first utility scale wind energy developer. Windfarms, backed by Chevron, had 60 professionals and assembled over 2,000 MWs of projects. He then went on to build companies in international telecommunications, business software and Internet services.

Derek Gauger CTO & Chief Architect

Derek has over 25 years of successes creating and commercializing innovative products and turning complex business processes into proprietary software solutions. He has been a GM of an OEM automotive supplier and CEO of 2 early stage technology companies. He holds 27 patents.

Advisory Board

Reyad Fezzani

Reyad is Chairman and CEO of Regenerate Power, a developer of utility scale solar projects and Chairman of Energy Finance Company. He was CEO of BP Solar, Tata-BP Solar and President of BP Renewables, with 3,000 employees and $4 billion in renewable assets.

Amy Corinne Smith

Amy is a highly experienced clean energy investment banker with 20 years of international finance experience and over $10 billion of financings. She was Managing Director and head of Global CleanTech investment banking at Jefferies, LLC. She held similar positions at Barclays Capital and Lehman Brothers.

Hervé Touati

Hervé Touati is Managing Director at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and heads up the Business Renewables Center (BRC). Hervé held several senior positions at E.ON, Germany's leading utility. He was global MD of the solar and biomass businesses at E.ON Climate & Renewables.


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